Repairs and Upgrades


PC Repairs
Is your computer working correctly? Small problems could mean big trouble in the future - they might be affecting the way you work, or just annoying you! We can come and solve your hardware and software related problems. It may be that your computer has been infected with a virus, in which case we have the
internet security solution to meet your needs.

Connecting to the Internet
Would you like to join the Information revolution? We can assist you in connecting to the world's largest network, including modem installation, and the selection of an appropriate internet service provider (ISP). We can also provide advice on
broadband connectivity and networking for small business and home users.

Hardware Upgrades
We can advise on and install any hardware upgrades that you think you may need. We will find the cheapest and best supplier, and install your purchase into your computer.

Software Upgrades
New software can change the way you work. If you would like to increase your productivity, why not see what upgrades we might recommend. We are not affiliated with any organisation therefore give an unbiased selection. If you need software to do a particular task, we can help find a selection to suit your needs.

Whatever your problem, we can help you!
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