BT Modem Protection Software

Inadvertently downloaded by surfing the internet, rogue diallers are programs which hijack modems and dial up a premium rate number when users log on.  They alters the number your computer uses to connect to the Internet via a premium-rate (090) or international (00) telephone number rather than the number supplied by your ISP. The dialler software is often invisible to users, running discretely in the background so that you do not notice any disruptions. Unexpectedly high call charges associated with unregistered diallers are often only discovered when you receive your phone bill.

In response to the growing problems BT have developed a software application you can download from a special web site. It will help you minimise the probability of being tricked by unregistered diallers into making these calls.

Whenever your computer attempts to dial a premium rate, international or non-approved number the software will alert you to the fact you are dialling a premium rate number, so that you can intervene and take the appropriate action.  It will not stop the call, merely alert you to the activity.  If you do not want to proceed, it is your responsibility to cease the call by disconnecting or even unplugging your modem so you can check your settings before attempting to redial.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, it will automatically launches every time you start your computer, monitoring your internet dial-up connections and alerting you when unauthorised users attempt to dial restricted numbers.

If you are alerted by this software you should unplug your modem and run your anti-virus, anti-adware, and anti-spyware software to check for problems.

If you do not have these loaded on your computer, checkout our downloads where there are free versions available, and a link to the BT download site referred to in this article.

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