Viruses - Adware - Spyware

There are an increasing number of malicious, intrusive, and annoying software programs on the internet, and we need to be vigilant to avoid serious infection.  The following are good practices to reduce the risk of infection on your PC by Viruses, Adware and Spyware.

  • Install a reputable Antivirus program such as Norton®, Trend Micro®, McAffee®, or AVG*.
  • Install a Firewall program such as Norton®, Trend Micro®, MacAffee®, or Zone Alarm*.
  • Install Adware, and Spyware detection software such as Webroot®, Lavasoft®*, Spybot*, or Spyblaster*.
  • Install Browser Helper Object (BHO) monitoring software such as BHO Demon*.

You should scan your computer weekly for Viruses, Adaware and Spyware using the Antivirus and Anti Ad/Spyware.

Keep your protective software and pattern files up to date with regular updates using the update facilities that come with them.

* Free versions available



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